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Alexandra Park, Cramlington

Project highlights:

  • Project value: £100,000
  • Unique Loly climbing frame added the WOW factor the customer was looking for – first unit installed in the UK!
  • Playground packed with play activities for all age groups
  • Cramlington Town Council team is over the moon, “HAGS have been great from start to finish”.

A key community asset

Alexandra Park is one of the most renowned parks in Northumberland and has been recognised as a high-quality green space by the Green Flag Award scheme.

Cramlington Town Council wanted a complete refurbishment of the park’s destination playground and tasked HAGS team with delivering a space that had a WOW factor and something for everyone to enjoy.

A climbing loop – the first in UK!

The playground is now home to the first Loly Climber ever installed in the UK. The Loly is a unique climbing frame inspired by the exhilarating loop of a roller coaster. The centre piece of the new play area caught everyone’s attention during the open day and local resident Jack said it was “great fun to climb through it”.

Local children now have access to a wide variety of play structures, with a combination of movement-based activities and more traditional multi-play units for all ages. Some pieces of equipment are also accessible to children of differing abilities, such as the inclusive Spinmee roundabout, making this play area a space that everyone can enjoy.

“The range of facilities for different ages is fantastic” says Cllr Helen Morris.

“[The playground] is a real example of Cramlington Town Council investing in young people” Lorraine de Simone, Town Mayor.

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Cramlington, United Kingdom
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