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Aviation Themed Play Area, Worcester, UK

In tribute to the RAF fighters

This £100,000 play area is part of an ambitious development scheme including a brand new leisure centre adjacent to the playground. Worcester Council’s objective was to create a vibrant, sociable space celebrating the history of the site, which was a former training ground for RAF fighters during the war. It had to be accessible, imaginative and a destination space that would welcome members of the public as they entered the newly developed site.

The spitfire-themed bespoke structure, undeniably the central element of the space, immediately attracts the attention of the visitors. An important design decision was to make use of the existing site levels and use the elevated positioning of the play area to give the impression of the Spitfire taking off from the road way, above the heads of visitors. To reduce costs to the client HAGS used excavated soil to create a linear mound alongside the play area so that the plane was “revealed” to visitors from the main road. This helped create the WOW factor to the location and the cost saving ensured we could produce some of the most artistic graphics seen on any play area.

The layout created by HAGS Play Specialists provides easy access for wheelchair users and less able people owing to ramped access and adds a sense of adventure as all the units are linked though a common theme. The playground was extremely well received by the residents, and flocks of children could be seen playing and enjoying themselves during the opening event. Local man Bob Chambers, who also volunteers for the Protect Perdiswell Park organisation, praised HAGS for the “superb workmanship” and saw the site as a heart-warming testimonial to the RAF fighters who were trained in the area during WW2.

Mark Worrall - Supervisor Environmental operations:

“Hags interpretation has exceeded my expectations, Fantastic. 11 out of 10”

“The reaction on social media has been amazing, people seeing the photos want to know where it is. All this I attribute to your design and hard work and excellent play equipment”

Contracts & Performance Manager Alan New was delighted to see that the design “has created tangible local interest in the history of the site”.

Worcester, United Kingdom
Year Completed


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