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Bathford Play Area, Bath

Bathford Council contracted HAGS to design and create a new play area that gives local children plenty of opportunities to play and socialise. The challenge was set for designers to come up with a well thought strategy to make best use of this existing narrow space where an old playground used to sit. The play area had to be low maintenance, provide play equipment for all abilities and have safety railings to distinguish it from the adjacent sports field.

We provided a range of equipment ensuring children would be kept entertained for hours. For the younger users (age 1-4) we provided the Zingo Nau, Zingo See Saw and a Zingo Bubble to integrate bright colours within the park. The Zingo product range promotes social interaction and development, as well as providing a challenging physical exercise.

For older children, the NRG Altitude 11B was chosen as a centrepiece and instinctively appeals to all children with a sense of adventure, providing challenges to get them moving so they never get bored. In addition, we’ve provided playground essentials such as the Olympic 2 seat swing with 2 cradle seats, a 2.4m Basket Swing and a Rota Roka to complement this play area. To encourage cognitive stimulation, we included the Crazy and Ball maze panels, Talk Tubes, 3 in a Row Panel and a ‘What Time Is It?’ panel.

Edward Webb, active member of the community & playground expert “The professionalism of HAGS and the understanding of what we are looking to achieve seemed to fit. There was a broad range of products and we wanted large challenging play units for the juniors. It was all installed and completed in the timeframe set out. We are all very pleased”.

We produced excellent results in partnership and consultation with the community under a limited financial package. The new play area has given children a breadth of new opportunities to get outside and play!

Explore the Bathford playground here

Bathford, United Kingdom
Year Completed

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