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Broadgate Meadows, Grasmere, Cumbria

With our experience in designing inclusive play areas, this previously inaccessible playground has been transformed into a vibrant, challenging and exciting accessible destination for children aged 0-14.

Working together

Grasmere Village Society worked with Lakes Parish Council and the local community to raise funds to improve the old play area. It previously offered limited play opportunities, particularly for older children and became extremely muddy during wet weather making it inaccessible during the winter months. The playground is the only play space in the village which makes it an important facility to both residents and visitors.

Creating a playground with all-year access

To create the destination play area, we changed the footprint of the existing site and redesigned the layout of equipment to ensure there was hardstanding running between all equipment and each entrance. This was to ensure the play area was accessible to all and to allow the equipment to be accessible all year round.

Something for everyone

A toddler zone leads to a junior zone, with a wide variety of equipment to offer children an engaging, challenging and continuous play journey. The colour scheme was important in this project, as Grasmere is part of the Lake District National Park and it is important that the playground fits in with its surroundings.

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Cumbria, United Kingdom
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