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Seven Oaks Park, Cramlington

An area for older children and adults was needed in Cramlington and this Arena Multi-Use Games Area has provided the community with a fantastic place to play basketball, football and more.

16/07/2021 15:29:00

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Chamberlain Way, St. Neots

This bright and colourful playground for St. Neots Town Council has doubled the play value and user capacity of the original playground in the same floor space.

16/07/2021 11:55:00

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Alexandra Park, Cramlington

Award-winning park in Northumberland gets £100,000 playground makeover to offer a wide range of play options. It is also home to the first Loly climber in the UK!

28/06/2021 13:20:00

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Chinley Play Area, Derbyshire

HAGS worked closely with Buxworth and Brownside Parish Council, who received an allocated amount from a local housing development, to renovate an existing play area that would capture the imagination of children within the local community. The existing playground was in desperate need of an upgrade and the council believed it was somewhere in the region of 40 years old! The equipment was very basic and there wasn’t much of it. The challenge was set for the design team to include lots of play activities within a narrow space.

The process included an initial design concept including a display and consultation with the local Parish council. It was agreed the heritage of Chinley railway station, built in 1867, should be incorporated within the design through wet pour graphics. The new play area includes high quality swings, roundabouts, seesaws, multi-functional play units and wheelchair accessible equipment to suit the needs of all children aged up to 12 years old. Georgina, local Parish Clerk said “The finished product has a real wow factor and looks just like it did on the initial design poster!”.

This playground is one of a kind in the Chinley area. We at HAGS, are immensely proud at what we contributed to the entire community. Everyone is delighted with the final results and the play park has been enjoyed by many children already. Georgina adds “Feedback from the community has been fantastic! People keep commenting on how much bigger the playground seems. Everyone is delighted and the playground has never been so busy”.

View the video of our Chinley site

Derbyshire, England
Year Completed
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