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Cippenham Primary School, Slough

Unique under-cover MUGA for Cippenham Primary School

The pupils of Cippenham Primary School are delighted with their new, unique under-cover Multi-Use Games Area.

The school has c800 pupils and although they have a lot of outdoor space, they did not have a dedicated sports area or anywhere where outdoor learning could take place under cover. School budgets would not allow a new sports hall to be built so our covered MUGA was the perfect solution!

The 40mx18m Arena Duo was constructed together with an eye-catching shade canopy held up by a steel structure. Across the centre of the MUGA is a net divider that can be used to segregate groups of children enabling different activities to take place at the same time. On really hot days, the canopy provides not only shade, but also the temperature underneath remains cool. It is also a useful cover from wind and showers!

Funded mainly from the school budget, the MUGA is used both in lesson time and in break-times, where the children follow a rota for when they are allowed to use it. When we visited the school, there was a Tennis Club being run by the Head Teacher who told us “The divider is so useful as I can separate the different levels of ability, enabling the better players to have a proper game of tennis whilst the other children are coached.”

Ruth Mainwaring, Premises Manager, was so full of enthusiasm and told us “I will never forget on the opening day when the children were first allowed on the arena, one little boy running from end to end and back again, exclaiming in joy!”

Slough, United Kingdom
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