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Browse through our most recent case studies that take you through the stories of local playgrounds that HAGS have helped to renovate, rescue and cultivate. Maybe we have been to a playground near you recently...


Crompton Road Playing Field, Bilsthorpe

Bilsthorpe PC encourage physical activity through play

Bilsthorpe Parish Council created a destination play area for juniors and teens on the Crompton Road Playing Field to cater for a large amount of users and encourage physical activity through play.

Their new fitness trail is armed with long lasting steel equipment from the HAGS NRG range and a solar powered stop watch to encourage children to compete for the fastest time - a great way to get children active!

Traditional sports are also on offer; Arena Dakota goal ends provide children with opportunities to practice football, basketball and cricket and improve hand-eye co-ordination on the target panels.

The play area is focused around varying levels of risk and challenge elements to allow the new play space to evolve and grow with the users. Features include the Roty inclusive roundabout, a large Nexus Altitude unit, the challenging Freeride, thrilling Titan and Hover and is finished with a HAGS meeting point offering sheltered seating for teenagers.

Newark, United Kingdom
Year Completed
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