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Daventry Country Park, Northamptonshire

Daventry Country Park, a popular park situated in the urban fringe of Daventry within one mile of the town centre, needed all its existing equipment (except the popular Cableway, Rhino and Hippo play structure) removed, as well as a brand-new play area designed and installed.

The new area had to have high play value, which gave us a chance to be highly creative and to focus on providing local children with something inspiring. It was agreed we would include feature boards, clearly outlining the play values for all abilities and provide enough equipment for over 80 users.

For younger children (aged two to six), we included a diverse range, including the UniMini Kalbo Multi-unit to provide climbing opportunities, the Mini Titan Rotary Swing, a Willy Jeep Spring Mounted Ride, a Rota Roka roundabout for spinning, and NRG stepping stones to test balance.  

For older children, we included the UniPlay Castle Multi-unit as the play area’s centre piece. The unit provides abundant play values, including climbing, sliding and educational benefits. In addition, we included the Timber Group Swing, Nexus Freestyler Dynamic Swing, Due Swinging Carousel, and a Tornado Overhead Carousel to encourage constant movement.

To make the playground inclusive for all abilities, we included a Mirage Seat that has an ergonomic design that is especially great for children with cerebral palsy, a small trampoline that is designed to burn off energy and meet sensory needs and numerous play panels to stimulate cognitive activity.

Gemma Mason, Community Projects Officer:

“HAGS understood the needs of the park and its users as the site is quite large and needed a good range of equipment to suit all ages and abilities".

“The equipment is proving to be a great addition to the country park, and we have received brilliant feedback from our visitors. We look forward to seeing the play area used by many over the summer months”.

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Daventry, United Kingdom
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