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Ellington Playing Fields, Cambridgeshire

The local residents now have a great space where their children can play and families can exercise outdoors in a natural surrounding, improving both physical and mental wellbeing.

The Ellington Playing Fields association were keen to upgrade the play area and extend the foot print, as well as offering a fitness area to promote a healthier lifestyle within the community.

We created a bright play area with a large swing set, a fun and challenging Altitude multi-play unit for the older children and a UniMini in steel for the younger children.

We completed the area with a new multi-purpose fitness frame which allows adults of all ages and abilities to complete a full body workout either on their own or with a friend.

The local residents now have a great space where they can exercise outdoors in natural surroundings, improving both physical and mental wellbeing. While the children can explore the new and older play equipment that offers increased challenge and play value for many years to come.


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We believe play is one of the most transformative things humans do. It is essential for us to thrive. Our products enable and encourage everyone to be together and live more playful lives. This, in turn, promotes happier individuals and healthier communities.

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