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Radnor Park, Folkestone

HAGS have recently completed the installation of three exciting new play areas contributing to the complete transformation of upper Radnor Park in Folkestone. The play facilities will enjoy a fantastic new setting next to the recently opened Radnor Park Tea Room, the restored Victorian water fountain, and a redesigned landscape, with new lawns, flowerbeds and pathways.

The project idea originally came from a local resident, who set up a community group in 2015 to raise funds for play equipment for an under-utilised area of the park. Working alongside Shepway District Council, the Group were successful in obtaining nearly £400,000 of funding from a number of local partners.

The new play areas include a railway-themed zone with a climbing train and carriages, a tunnel, tracks, turntable roundabout and a station enclosed with fencing to provide a safe, secure area for toddlers. A raised hill with places for scrambling, perching and climbing centred around a UniPlay unit provides a striking centre piece. The third area has exciting and challenging climbing equipment for 8-12 year olds including a 6m high Net Pyramid and 20m long zip line, along with more traditional swings.

In addition the pathways surrounding the fountain have been refurbished and repaired, the fountain has new trees, planting and seating set around it to create a welcoming entrance. The Café has more space for outdoor seating within the new design to create a place for the whole community to use.

Mark Grace, Managing Director from HAGS said “As a Shepway resident, I’ve found my involvement in this flagship project highly rewarding. I have personally enjoyed working with our Creative Team to develop a scheme that can evolve and develop, just as the park has over time. Our task was to meet the local community’s specific needs and we’ve done that with high quality, fun and reliable products.”

The community celebrated the completion of the project with a spectacular Opening Event, attended by over 500 local residents. Cllr David Monk, Leader of Shepway District Council, said: “I’m delighted to see this wonderful equipment. There are so many people, groups and organizations that have helped the project get to this stage, including our own councilors and staff. All that hard work and generous funding is paying off – this is a fabulous example of what we can do when we work together.”


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Folkestone , United Kingdom
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