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Reculver Country Park, Canterbury

As Canterbury City Council wanted the new play area to blend seamlessly with the historical landmarks and natural setting, HAGS play architect Liz Townsend created a bespoke design using natural-looking timber equipment that’s integrated into the existing landscape features.

A key requirement for the Reculver Country Park play area was to create a family destination where children off all ages and abilities could play together along¬side each other.

With bespoke brick-patterned panels and mock medieval flags, the imposing ‘Reculver Play Castle’ built from our Uni-Play range celebrates the heritage of the area and echoes the neighbouring Reculver towers, which date back to the Norman period. The Play Castle connects the upper and lower levels of the site with a series of draw-bridges, climbers and slides. The welcoming flags add a sense of drama to this unique destination and act as an informal boundary to the playground.

Visitor centre manager James has noticed a significant increase in footfall since the play area has been installed. “The weekend of the opening event was one of the busiest we’d had in 20 years.” Teachers can also use a number of play features for curriculum-linked activities, such as the interactive games panels supporting literacy and numeracy.

The Uni-Play castle-themed structure has been carefully thought out to provide grad¬uated challenge for children of all abilities. Whilst the wheelchair ramp and transfer platforms lead to easy routes with wide paths and role play options, the centre of the fort invites more confident children to experience risk and feel a sense of achieve¬ment.

Canterbury , United Kingdom
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