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Stephenson Way Play Area, Corby

Consultation with the local school and community led Corby Borough Council to recognise the need to update the play area on Stephenson Way. Subsequently, funding was applied for and granted by the FCC Communities Foundation Fund.

The playground is space-themed as one of Corby's claims to fame is its 1969 World Porridge Championships! Legend has it, that on day 3 of the Apollo 11's mission to the moon, NASA read out the latest news from Earth to the 3 astronauts aboard, which included an announcement that "in Corby, England, an Irishman, John Coyle [had] won the world's porridge eating championship". Apparently, Buzz Aldrin was a huge fan of porridge and was on his 19th bowl by the 3rd day!

Legend has it that the Corby crater on Mars, named after the town in 1979, took its name from the porridge tale! Maybe Corby will have some future astronauts playing on this brilliant space-themed equipment!

This project was completed during the Covid pandemic, which was challenging, due to additional restrictions. Rachel Ritchie, Leisure Manager from Corby Borough Council, praised HAGS for being able to adapt and complete the project within the council's new timescales. "HAGS also worked with us to make additional alterations to the design which further enhanced the play value for the community."

"The HAGS team are approachable, professional and highly knowledgeable. They went out of their way to resolve issues and answer any questions we had with the project and were always available to talk to!

Thank you for installing this new, innovative, colourful and creative play equipment at Stephenson Way. This project will provide children, young people and families of Corby with an exciting and fun new play provision that will benefit the local community for many years to come!"


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Corby, United Kingdom
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We believe play is one of the most transformative things humans do. It is essential for us to thrive. Our products enable and encourage everyone to be together and live more playful lives. This, in turn, promotes happier individuals and healthier communities.

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