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Faye Elizabeth Park, Benson

With a detailed brief to create an epic play area which would thrill children and grown-ups alike, Benson Parish Council chose HAGS over competitors due to extreme diligence and passion in creating an area which would provide a bespoke, robust and durable ‘destination’ play area.

18/08/2021 15:29:00

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Walkern Sports and Community Centre, Walkern

Walkern Parish Council wanted to create an inclusive fitness space for their community. We created an inclusive fitness area with a wide variety of equipment which enables everyone to exercise together in the great outdoors.

18/08/2021 13:20:00

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Langham Community Park, Rutland

Langham Parish Council felt it was time to update their local park and allocated CIL funds as well as a successful FCC Communities Foundation grant to rejuvenate the existing community space.

11/08/2021 11:07:00

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Timms Road Play Area, Banbury

Developed to ensure everyone is welcome, this playground was designed by HAGS, chosen by the local community and installed quickly to ensure the play area was not closed for long!

Now, children from the community of all abilities, particularly those up to the age of 12, have plenty of opportunities to play and connect in a safe, fun environment.


Councillor John Colegrave, Banbury Town Council:

“This new playground is excellent and there was no reason to keep it closed any longer than necessary. The site hadn’t been refurbished for some years and a full upgrade was needed. This new facility is fun and I’m sure local children will spend many happy hours here.”

Samantha Farrow, Banbury Town Council:

“From initial meeting to completion, the whole project has been a seamless, positive experience.”


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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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We believe play is one of the most transformative things humans do. It is essential for us to thrive. Our products enable and encourage everyone to be together and live more playful lives. This, in turn, promotes happier individuals and healthier communities.

United Kingdom

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