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Victoria Park, Basildon

Space race themed park in Victoria Park, Basildon

The striking new play area is part of a wider regeneration scheme spearheaded by Basildon Council, with the close involvement of local artist Shaun Badham. Having a very strong connection to the site, Shaun decided to breathe new life into existing play structures from the 70’s.

The design of the play area builds on the principles of Shaun’s “Morning” artistic initiative, and HAGS design team was inspired to create a sense of ‘arrival on another planet’ and to rejuvenate the space into something that, to use Shaun C Badham’s words, once again “represents an aspirational future”.

A number of unique design features recreate the “out-of-this-world” scenery invite young visitors to embark on an exciting journey through time and space:

  • A space race timeline path was incorporated to educate parents and children alike on the key events marking the era. The sign graphics are at intervals along a semi-circular pathway and each event is marked with date-engraved paving set flush into the pathway surface.
  • The existing landform has been altered to create a “moon-space” with craters and bumps.
  • The contemporary aesthetic of the equipment, from the striking look of the multi-play unit Triton to the sleek curves of the Viper swing, echoes the futuristic look of the original site.

High play value and inclusiveness were two key elements of the design brief, and the new playground also promotes physical activity, social play, creative play and general wellbeing. By offering a wide range of activities accessible to both disabled and able-bodied users, the facility encourages children of differing abilities to play together.

Cllr Kevin Blake, Basildon Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure and the Arts, tells us more about collaborating with HAGS on this project:

“Basildon Council were delighted to work in partnership with Hags SMP to deliver the vast improvements to play area in Victoria Park.

Prior to HAGS designing the scheme and managing the installation of the new equipment, the site had limited play value and was underused by local children, young people and families. Since the new and improved play area was launched we have seen a vast improvement in the numbers using and enjoying the park.

Basildon Council are delighted with the new and improved Victoria Park play area, as are the local community. We would not hesitate in working in partnership with HAGS in the future.”

Basildon, United Kingdom
Year Completed

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