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Walkern Sports and Community Centre, Walkern

Project highlights:

  • Project value: £16,537
  • A great selection of outdoor fitness equipment for all ages and abilities
  • Walkern Parish Counil team is delighted with the addition to their community hub, “Our experience with HAGS was very good and we really benefitted from advice given by the HAGS team”.


A further sporting addition to the beautiful village

Set on the edge of the beautiful and historic village of Walkern, the community centre was built in 1977 on land donated to the village by the once-famous Wright’s Brewery, on the proviso that it should be used for sporting and recreational purposes for the residents of Walkern.


The Community Hub

The Community Centre is a real hub for the residents of Walkern, hosting the cricket club and under 18 football club, as well as various other clubs and societies, including Brownies and the Walkern History Society.


Emphasis on Inclusivity

It was important to the community that the fitness facilities were accessible to all, so a strong emphasis was placed on inclusivity when the area was designed. A grant from East Herts Council and Walkern PC secured the improvement and HAGS was chosen for the project due to the quality of the equipment.


A wide range of equipment to exercise from top to toe

The design includes a great variety of equipment, including a leg press (a fantastic place to chat while you exercise!) and a single sit up (to strengthen those tummy muscles) and more. The area enables users to improve their physical fitness from top to toe, as well as providing a great meeting place.


“Our experience with HAGS was very good and we really benefitted from advice given by the HAGS team.” 

Christine Nudds, Walkern Parish Council


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Walkern, Hertfordshire , United Kingdom
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