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Poplar Recreation Ground, London

This inclusive playground in Poplar, East London, was designed with a focus on the 16 Play Types, and created to be 100% inclusive for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, ensuring families and friends can all play together.

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Farnham Road Fitness Area, Loughborough

After identifying a shortfall of youth facilities in the area, Charnwood Borough Council decided to create a fitness space for the whole community...

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Cintra Park, Reading

Cintra Park is a very popular park serving a large populated area. The playground itself is very well used by all ages. However, the playground contained many items which had reached the end of their serviceable life...

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V&A Playground, Tower Hamlets, London

Part of a two-site tender (the other being Pools Playground), this inclusive playground in London’s oldest purpose-built park attracts children of all ages and abilities from miles around.

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Snowley Park, Peterborough

The local residents of Snowley Park, Peterborough now have a robust, state-of-the-art inclusive playground, easily accessible from both sides of their estate.

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Ockwells Park, Maidenhead

Surrounded by a nature trail, this playground in the Cox Green area of Maidenhead has a great selection of HAGS play equipment which fills its visitors with delight.

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Capstone Farm, Medway Council

Medway Council’s vision was for this play area to become a flagship play space for Medway, providing a variety of play opportunities for both toddlers and juniors. They wanted a unified play area that took inspiration from the natural landscape and history of the park and that encouraged a sensory play experience and incorporated existing changes in landform as a play feature.

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Millfields, Clapton, Hackney

This stunning play area on the edge of Millfields Park in the London Borough of Hackney was designed to have a natural feeling with minimum maintenance.

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Chiltern Way Academy, Buckinghamshire

With a great new school opened for primary aged children, Chiltern Academy recognised a need for climbing and swinging equipment and HAGS provided the right solution.

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Palmer Park, Reading

Situated in one of Reading's biggest parks, this inclusive playground has vastly improved the play facilities for local residents.

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Stephenson Way Play Area, Corby

Funded by the FCC Communities Foundation and Corby Borough Council, this playground was designed around a space theme... Countdown to read more now... 3... 2... 1... Blast Off!

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Calvert Green Park, Buckingham

It was time to renew the old playground equipment at Calvert Green Park and Aylesbury Vale District Council chose HAGS to complete this wonderful project.

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We believe play is one of the most transformative things humans do. It is essential for us to thrive. Our products enable and encourage everyone to be together and live more playful lives. This, in turn, promotes happier individuals and healthier communities.

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