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Snowley Park, Peterborough

The local residents of Snowley Park, Peterborough now have a robust, state-of-the-art inclusive playground, easily accessible from both sides of their estate.

05/01/2021 16:00:00

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Ockwells Park, Maidenhead

Surrounded by a nature trail, this playground in the Cox Green area of Maidenhead has a great selection of HAGS play equipment which fills its visitors with delight.

14/12/2020 13:05:00

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Calvert Green Park, Buckingham

It was time to renew the old playground equipment at Calvert Green Park and Aylesbury Vale District Council chose HAGS to complete this wonderful project.

21/10/2020 13:05:00

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A complete range of play equipment with modular dimensions and heights adapted for small children. UniMini is packed with play opportunities to inspire growing minds and offer exercise for growing bodies. The UniMini range is naturally attractive to the under 5 age range. UniMini complements natural surroundings and can be constructed virtually anywhere. We have a wide range of ready-made standard units, for every scale and budget, and exciting themed units to bring imaginations alive.

UniMini Edsberg

With its medieval castle look, secret passageways and thrilling obstacles , the Edsberg Unimini structure will spark children's imagination and provide them with exciting role play opportunities. It also boasts great user capacity and will keep children of different levels of ability entertained and active owing to a wide array of play options. The UniMini Edsberg multi-play unit promotes imaginative play and helps develop key gross motor skills and the ability to communicate and interact, thus contributing positively to toddlers' physical and mental development.


Sunken Foundation

Wooden Posts / HPL Panels
Multi – Sunken Foundation

Product Number: H8055758


8400 x 7700

  • Age Range: 3-5
  • Assembly Time: 45 hours
  • Length (mm): 5300 mm
  • Width (mm): 4700 mm
  • Height (mm): 3220 mm
  • Net Weight: 655.00 kg
  • Volume (m3): 4 m³
  • Safety Area Length (mm): 8400 mm
  • Safety Area Width (mm): 7700 mm
  • Fall Height (mm): 1600 mm
  • Safety Area : 48 m²
Read more about anchoring


Material kg %
Pine 164.6326 16.21
Fibreboard 2.5680 0.25
HPL 515.4607 50.76
Untreated Steel 258.3936 25.45
Stainless steel 33.3644 3.29
Stainless steel EN 1.4301 7.7200 0.76
Aluminum 0.9461 0.09
Zink (hot-galvanised) 2.6744 0.26
Zink (electro-galvanised) 0.2092 0.02
Polyester 2.8800 0.28
Polyamide (PA) 2.6387 0.26
Polyethylene (PE) 13.2966 1.31
Polyurethane solid (PUR) 2.4564 0.24
Thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) 1.5200 0.15
Powder coating polyester 5.8463 0.58
Wet paint for wood 0.8600 0.08
  1015 kg 100%

Play Functions

Unimini Climber

Unimini Ramp

Unimini Netbridge

Unimini Climbingwall

Cooker Hob f Corner

Unimini Ships Wheel

Unimini Crawling Tube

UniMini Slide