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What is Imagination Playground?

Imagination Playground is soft play equipment designed to unlock the powers of children aged 2 and up through open-ended, unstructured play. Through this unique mobile play system, children can unlock their creative powers keeping a large group busy for hours while encouraging communication, collaboration, and engaging motor skills.

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How does Imagination Playground work? 

Think of a giant-sized construction game, with lightweight blue blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes. These loose parts can be stacked, connected, channelled, or just lined up...all to make children’s ideas a reality.

Children see a thousand possibilities! They build ships, cars and castles. They bring fantasy animals to life, while making dramatic scenarios and creating imaginary worlds.

Imagination is a great outdoor learning tool that you can use for curriculum-linked activities. It can keep a large group busy for hours - encouraging communication, collaboration, and engage gross motor skills.

See it as your indoor play solution, perfect for rainy days when access to an outdoor play area is limited. Easy to maintain, easy to store, it fits in storage carts that can be wheeled through any standard-sized door.


Imagination playground soft play for schools

Where can children play with Imagination Playground?

This innovative design means it can transform any space – schools, children’s museums, parks and recreation, day care centres, camps, hospitals, churches – into a play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun.

Imagination Playground is also a great indoor play solution.

All the equipment is mobile and can be played with inside or outside. The design makes it perfect for rainy days when access to an outdoor play area is limited. Easy to maintain, easy to store, it fits in storage carts that can be wheeled through any standard sized door.


What are the positive outcomes of Imagination Playground?

Soft play benefits

Social skills: Building new constructions encourages communication and team work

Physical: Creating new structures requires lots of movement and will keep children active for hours

Numeracy: Constructing new shapes is a great introduction to the concepts of weight, geometry and the principles of counting

Literacy: Children will engage in dramatic play providing opportunities for children to practice language and literacy

Sensory: Playing with foam blocks stimulates a variety of children’s senses such as touch, movement and balance

Imagination: Free play allows children to be anyone and do anything in the Imagination Play world

Clare, Early Years Teacher at Hopscotch Nursery, Brighton: "When we first received the set, we voluntarily put aside the instruction manual. The idea was to let children give free reign to their imagination and encourage free play."

Tracy Murch, Headteacher at Tasis Primary School, Surrey: “When they have an issue, they have to sort things out by themselves. If their building collapses, we asked them ‘what are you going to do about it’ rather than giving them a ready-made solution. We encourage them not to give up when encountering a difficulty and they learn to be persistent.”

Classic 105 Big Block Set

The original 105 block set in two carts includes blocks, cylinders, chutes, channels, noodles and balls. 

Imagination Playground Blocks are made of cross-linked polyethylene foam. The closed-cell foam is soft, lightweight, waterproof, and recyclable. It is non-toxic, resistant to sun, heat, mould, mildew, corrosion and microorganisms. 

  • 2 storage carts
  • 75 blue blocks and parts
  • 15 noodles
  • 15 plastic balls
  • User manual 

Separate cover cases available (PD2400-02) 


LxWxH: 1.48 x 0.69 x 1.24m (cart measurements) 
Age 2+ 

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