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Ellington Playing Fields, Cambridgeshire

The local residents now have a great space where their children can play and families can exercise outdoors in a natural surrounding, improving both physical and mental wellbeing.

14/09/2020 10:22:00

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Accessible Playground at Canal Way, Reading

Various playground providers presented their tender to the councillors and an action group called Access and Accessibility Forum, but HAGS’ scheme came out as a firm favourite.

19/08/2020 13:09:00

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Inclusive Play at River Road Park, Brentwood, Essex

This recently completed play area in Brentwood has been designed with inclusion high on the agenda. The playground has a fully accessible path and includes a broad range of imaginative and inclusive play opportunities for children of all abilities.

27/07/2020 12:12:00

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Sea Swell


Product Number: H8056676


8400 x 3200

  • Age Range: 5-12
  • Assembly Time: 3 hours
  • Length (mm): 5400 mm
  • Width (mm): 200 mm
  • Height (mm): 400 mm
  • Net Weight: 170.00 kg
  • Volume (m3): 0.7 m³
  • Safety Area Length (mm): 8400 mm
  • Safety Area Width (mm): 3200 mm
  • Fall Height (mm): 600 mm
  • Safety Area : 27 m²


Material kg %
Pine 11.5632 7.13
Untreated Steel 140.3886 86.58
Zink (hot-galvanised) 5.9685 3.68
Zink (electro-galvanised) 0.0282 0.02
Polyamide (PA) 0.4140 0.26
Powder coating polyester 0.4286 0.26
Wet paint for wood 2.1650 1.34
Rubber 1.1947 0.74
  162 kg 100%