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Seesaw Baronessa

Our new, inclusive, Cary multi user seesaw gives children of differing ability the chance to enjoy this wonderful see saw experience together. Its transport theme excites young imaginations and encourages children to jump on for a ride! Designed to accommodate up to 8 children, the Cary Multi User Seesaw offers 2 seating positions which are easily accessible and can come with optional back panels that can be fitted to one or both seats offering more back support for younger or children with reduced mobility. It also features a central seating platform for the more adventurous child. Its organic curved styling is visually pleasing and comfortable to use with no hard edges and the platform is designed with built in hand holds allowing children to hold on tight and feel secure during the ride
Sunken Foundation

8 Seater
Yellow – Sunken Foundation


3900 x 6200

  •  5-12 5-12
  •  3-5 3-5
  •  5 hrs 5
  •  800 800
  •  21m² 21

Product Number: H8056193

  • Age Range: 5-12, 3-5
  • Assembly Time: 5 hours
  • Length (mm): 3060 mm
  • Width (mm): 850 mm
  • Height (mm): 1010 mm
  • Net Weight: 345.32 kg
  • Volume (m3): 2.85 m³
  • Fall Height (mm): 800 mm
  • Safety Area Width (mm): 3900 mm
  • Safety Area Length (mm): 6200 mm
  • Safety Area : 21 m²
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Material kg %
HPL 104.9 61.1
Untreated Steel 63.6 37
Stainless steel 0.4 0.2
Zink (hot-galvanised) 2.5 1.5
Zink (electro-galvanised) 0 0
Polyamide (PA) 0 0
Powder coating polyester 0.3 0.2
  172 kg 100%

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