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Zingo Yo-Yo

Boing. Spring. Back. Forth. The HAGS Zingo human yo-yo experience provides endless interactive fun for younger children at play. Mounted firmly into the ground, the single steel spring jiggles and bounces one or two children riding the happy-faced Zingo apparatus, as they cling to the safe hand and foot bars. Shared play, balance, co-ordination and inclusivity for children of different abilities are all features of this play experience.
Cast In Place

Blue – Cast In Place


2390 x 3030

  •  3-5 3-5
  •  2 hrs 2
  •  600 600
  •  7m² 7
  • Inclusive Play

Product Number: X-YOY(002)

  • Age Range: 3-5
  • Assembly Time: 2 hours
  • Length (mm): 630 mm
  • Width (mm): 390 mm
  • Height (mm): 810 mm
  • Net Weight: 99.00 kg
  • Volume (m3): 0.22 m³
  • Fall Height (mm): 600 mm
  • Safety Area Width (mm): 2390 mm
  • Safety Area Length (mm): 3030 mm
  • Safety Area : 7 m²
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