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Snowley Park, Peterborough

The local residents of Snowley Park, Peterborough now have a robust, state-of-the-art inclusive playground, easily accessible from both sides of their estate.

05/01/2021 16:00:00

Case Study Details

Ockwells Park, Maidenhead

Surrounded by a nature trail, this playground in the Cox Green area of Maidenhead has a great selection of HAGS play equipment which fills its visitors with delight.

14/12/2020 13:05:00

Case Study Details

Calvert Green Park, Buckingham

It was time to renew the old playground equipment at Calvert Green Park and Aylesbury Vale District Council chose HAGS to complete this wonderful project.

21/10/2020 13:05:00

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Welcome to a new world of play! Discover the new modular playground that offers children hours of unstructured play.

New PlayCube combinations

Our talented designers have created 5 new stunning combinations.

They are:

  • eye-catching and attractive which draws children to play 
  • innovative in design
  • designed to maximise play and exploration
  • inclusive

We believe that play should be for everyone! Our combinations are designed to be as inclusive as possible, providing all children with the opportunity to play.

Pictor 1.3

PlayCubes Pictor playground climbing unit

A perfect PlayCube combination for children who seek height!

Adventurers can tackle the challenging ladder from the front or, those wanting to take their climbing skills to a whole new level, can attempt to climb it from underneath.

Once at the top, children can race down the Banister Rails or take a rest and socialise in the PlayCube as they pretend to be inside a treehouse, high above the forest!

View Pictor 1.3  Download Product Sheet


Lynx 3.2

PlayCubes Lynx playground climbing unit

An intriguing unit that offers height, challenge and fun.

Features a triangle ladder for children looking for a slightly more challenging way to climb up to the ground level PlayCube.

Once they find their way to the last cube, they will be met by the Banister Rail where they get to experience a different and exciting way of sliding.

Children can also use the PlayCubes for resting, socialising and experiencing the world around them from a different perspective.

View Lynx 3.2  Download Product Sheet

Leo 3.2

PlayCubes Leo playground climbing unit

This inclusive, low level combination is wheelchair accessible and allows children of all ages and abilities to play together.

The Spider Net component linking the 3 PlayCubes becomes a gathering space for socialising and resting.

Furthermore, the flextread material on the spider net can be used for bouncing as well as a seating area.

View Leo 3.2  Download Product Sheet

Ara 3.4

PlayCubes Ara playground climbing structure

With various challenge levels in one unit, the Ara allows children to develop their climbing skills and experience different ways of climbing.

It also comes with a unique slide that offers children the feeling of risk, thrill and excitement.

As well as climbing, the Ara is equipped with other play values, such as hanging, sliding and resting.

View Ara 3.2  Download Product Sheet

Aries 6.4

PlayCubes Aries playground climbing structure

This will sure be the focal point of any playground.

Climbers will improve their skills as they tackle the various levels of climbing on offer while experiencing different heights.

For the most adventurous, looking for a thrilling way to get down, they can either slide down the Banister Rail for a different way of sliding or down the Fireman’s Pole as they pretend to be a firefighter!

View Aries 6.4  Download Product Sheet

What are PlayCubes?

architect Richard Dattner and colleagues creating models of PlayCube climbing units

A new world of play

PlayCubes offer rich physical, social and cognitive play value.

Distinctive geometric shapes invite exploration and climbing play that’s accessible, yet with graduated levels of challenge

Varying planes and handholds encourage climbing and spatial experimentation, which can help build confidence, while negative spaces invite entry, which are great for exploring minds.

Unstructured play

There is no wrong or right way to play when it comes to PlayCubes.

Whether a child wants to climb to the top or crawl underneath to surprise their friends, it's up to them how they want to play. Unstructured play also allows children to be imaginative as they can invent new moves and even become a super- hero character. PlayCubes offer many options, making it an ideal solution for any play area.

PlayCubes are designed to encourage children to make decisions and enjoy playing, just the way they want to.

Children need a real tactical, physical world

With so many entry points and routes, PlayCubes encourage children to think and move

With all the varied climbing, crawling opportunities, it is great for essential physical development.

PlayCubes provide the opportunity for children to use all parts of their body which is ideal for exercise through playing safely.

Unique architecture

PlayCube combinations are inviting and entice children to come and play.

It asks people to come together, interact and explore together.

PlayCubes have a unique and striking architecture that everyone recognises. They are inviting and will encourage children to come and explore and learn about it.

View full PlayCubes range

mother and daughter playing on a playground PlayCube structure

Features and benefits

Girl sliding down a fireman's pole from a PlayCube

Invent more ways to play!

PlayCubes' innovative design and engineering allows more play options by adding extra components.

  • Add more fun to your design by adding components.
  • Our team of experts will provide a solution to match your requirements whilst maximising all the play values that PlayCubes has to offer.

Maximum play value

PlayCubes are designed and engineered to provide maximum play values.

They are packed with features that make this a truly fantastic range.

When designing PlayCubes we focus on:

  • Quality – only the highest quality
  • Inclusion – play is for everyone
  • Safety – important in everything we do
  • Sustainability - carefully selected materials
  • Maximum play values – providing a lifetime of play

Attractive design

The design and architecture of the PlayCubes is unique.

Its colourful look makes it eye-catching and the shapes and additional components invite us to come and play.

Play that lasts a lifetime

Made from strong, durable and long-lasting material and available in both steel or plastic.

All rotomolded plastic components are shatter-proof polyethylene (PE) plastic made of compounded pigmented resins, which provides twice as much impact resistance as dry-blended resins. Our plastics are also UV resistant.

The exclusive architectural-grade, super durable polyester powder coating provides enhanced, light- stable pigments for superior UV stability and fade resistance.

View full PlayCubes range

Children climbing out of a PlayCube playground structure

Play values

Climbing Multigenerational Sliding Interactive Coordination Balancing Crawling Inclusive

New components for 2020!

The unique components on this new range offer even more play value for children, from sliding and hanging, to bouncing and resting; making PlayCubes the perfect attraction in any playground.

Sliding Pole

Fireman's sliding pole for playgrounds

Spider Net

spider net for playgrounds


ladder for plaground multiplay units

Transfer Point

transfer point for playground equipment

Banister Rail

bannister rail slide for playgrounds

Triangle Climber

triangle climber for playground multiplay units

Tunnel Bridge

tunnel bridge climber for playground multiplay units

Tunnel Climber

tunnel climber for playground multiplay structures

Steel Slide

Metal slide for playgrounds

Plastic Slide

plastic slide for playgrounds

Colours and materials

Steel PlayCubes

Metal PlayCubes are made of perforated steel covered in Eco-Armor®, giving it a softer surface and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Cube corners and base plates inside the cubes are made of cast aluminium. With metal often comes concerns about safety, but Metal PlayCubes feature soft corner castings and concealed bolts that make them play-safe.

The climber-friendly rings around each opening provides a better grip.

Anchoring options

Cast in place (CC)

Surface mount (OM)


Plastic PlayCubes

Plastic PlayCubes, slide and slide entry sides are made of rotomolded plastic.

The slide deck, canopy and entry side inserts are made of perforated steel covered in Eco-Armor®. Base plates inside the cubes are made of cast aluminium.

Anchoring options

Cast in place (CC)

Surface mount (OM)


A closer look at the materials

Rotomolded plastic used in PlayCubes climbing unit

Rotomolded Plastic

All Playworld rotomolded plastic components are shatter-proof polyethylene (PE) plastic made of compounded pigmented resins, which provides twice as much impact resistance as dry-blended resins. Our plastics are also UV resistant, enabling colors to remain bright over time.

Eco-Armor material used in metal PlayCubes climbing unit


Eco-Armor® is our durable, PVC-free, thermoplastic Polyethylene (PE) coating with a uniquely structured surface.  Eco-Armor is unaffected by extreme changes in temperature, stays clean as it is less porous than PVC and has a superior slip-resistant finish due to the PE coating process which eliminates drips and runs.

architectural-grade, super durable paint on PlayCubes


The exclusive architectural-grade, super durable polyester powder coating provides enhanced, light-stable pigments for superior UV stability and fade resistance.

Soft Corner Castings and concealed bolts on our PlayCubes

Soft Corner Castings

With metal often comes concerns about safety, but Metal PlayCubes feature soft corner castings and concealed bolts that make them play-safe.

Metal PlayCubes


1. Component Metal 1 (CM1)
Colour of large metal rings and corner castings. Shown in chartreuse.

2. Component Metal 2 (CM2)
Colour of small metal rings. Shown in azure.

3. Eco-Armor® (ECO)
Perforated metal main structure. Shown in grey.

Plastic PlayCubes

1. Rotomolded Plastic 1 (RP1_Highlight)
Highlight PlayCubes colour. Shown in lime.

2. Eco-Armor®  (ECO)
Perforated metal accents and platform. Shown in grey.

3. Rotomolded Plastic 2 (RP2)
Colour of slide entrance panels. Shown in orange.

4. Rotomolded Plastic 1 (RP1_Main)
Main PlayCubes colour. Shown in orange.

5. Eco-Armor®  (ECO)
Support posts which match other Eco-Armor®  components. Shown in grey.

6. Rotomolded Plastic 1 (RP1)
Slide. Shown in grey.