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Sturdy and Stylish Corporate Spaces - Elevate Your Workplace Experience

Corporate campuses and office buildings are characterised by daily exposure to the elements and heavy traffic. HAGS offers attractive, low-maintenance, and durable commercial outdoor office furniture perfect for corporate buildings. With multiple colour and configuration options, you'll be able to choose the look and style to best complement the architectural design and theme of your space.

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Why provide outdoor seating for business spaces?

Expand your business beyond four walls - provide outdoor seating and invite staff and customers to enjoy the fresh air. 

Why provide outdoor seating?

Inspirational outdoor spaces for businesses

Explore our inspirational designs to help you gather ideas for designing your own outdoor experience for corporate and commercial spaces.

Inspirational outdoor spaces for businesses

Benefits of purchasing commercial office furniture

Transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and style with our high-quality outdoor furniture. Explore benefits of investing in outdoor furniture with HAGS.

Benefits of purchasing outdoor furniture

Want to add Bicycle Shelters?

Offer bicycle parking in your commercial spaces to promote wellbeing and demonstrate social responsibility. 

Low cost cycle shelters

Space saving furniture

Outdoor Furniture Space Saving Solution for Corporate & Commercial Operators.

Space Saving Furniture


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