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Park and Urban Furniture

We offer a range of products that may not always catch the spotlight, but they significantly enhance the overall environment.

Alongside park benches and tables, our selection includes generously-sized grills that allow multiple people to barbecue simultaneously, elegant flower boxes, secure bicycle storage, and many other items.

Gathering areas often suffer from the accumulation of waste, which is why it's crucial to have convenient and aesthetically pleasing solutions for cleanliness. Our bins excel in all environments, effortlessly fulfilling this task.

Park & Urban Families

Discover our wide range that has been developed in collaboration with recognized designers. Everything from classic, traditional products to elegant and modern shapes.


HAGS park benches are perfect for relaxation and socializing. They blend beautifully into public areas. They work very well along promenades, in squares, in shopping centers and at entrances.


Our tables are the perfect complement to an outdoor seating area, whether you're looking for a modern design or a classic style.

Picnic Tables

Our picnic tables are inviting and provide high comfort. Sit down and talk a little, and enjoy the outdoor stay.

Bicycle Storage

HAGS bicycle racks are intended for safe and practical bicycle parking. They are either freestanding or securely anchored to the ground. Our bicycle storage provides effective protection against the elements.

Litter Bins

HAGS bins are designed to keep public environments, outdoors and indoors, clean and pleasant. The products are durable and easy to handle.


Our ashtrays are durable and easy to empty. They can be mounted on poles, freestanding or next to a wastebasket. They are designed to keep public environments clean and safe.

Grills & Planters

HAGS grills are very popular and create a natural meeting place. They are large enough for everyone to be able to grill at the same time. HAGS flower boxes fit into both historic and modern environments with their simple elegance.


We also have products that regulate traffic and improve safety for pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

  • Designers

    At HAGS, there is a conscious effort to find solutions where form and function collaborate, and timelessness is a crucial factor. Our products for outdoor and indoor public spaces create natural meeting places that withstand the effects of nature on materials over time. HAGS works closely with several Scandinavian designers. The products are developed in Aneby, Sweden, and are encountered in environments worldwide.


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  • Outdoor Furniture for Schools

    Durable Outdoor Furniture for Schools - Enhance Learning and Play

    Discover our wide selection of durable and modular Rosenlund outdoor furniture for schools! Our high-quality seating options are designed to withstand the rigors of school environments while providing comfortable and safe seating for students.

    Our outdoor furniture is perfect for enhancing outdoor learning spaces, creating inviting seating areas for socialising, and promoting physical activity during breaktimes. 

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  • Commercial Outdoor Furniture

    Sturdy and Stylish Corporate Spaces - Elevate Your Workplace Experience

    Corporate campuses and office buildings are characterised by daily exposure to the elements and heavy traffic. HAGS offers attractive, low-maintenance, and durable commercial outdoor office furniture perfect for corporate buildings. With multiple colour and configuration options, you'll be able to choose the look and style to best complement the architectural design and theme of your space.

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  • Low Cost Cycle Shelters

    Affordable Cycling Solutions for Corporate Commuters!

    Offering cycle parking is a relatively low-cost and effective way for organizations to promote sustainability, improve health and well-being, enhance accessibility, and demonstrate social responsibility.

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  • Space Saving Furniture

    Outdoor Furniture Space Saving Solution 

    Space-saving furniture such as benches, cycle racks, and bins allows for the efficient use of outdoor areas, especially in both the commercial and urban environments where space can be limited. Bulky or oversized furniture can hinder movement within any space, leading to congestion or limited accessibility. Space-saving furniture helps to create clear pathways and ensures smooth traffic flow. This is particularly important in high footfall areas such as city centres, narrow pathways, or shared spaces.

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  • Camping & Leisure

    Campsites and holiday parks cater to a wide age range, including older children, teenagers, and adults. Outdoor fitness equipment, sports arenas, and picnic areas provide opportunities for older visitors to engage in physical activities that align with their preferences. The inclusion of site furniture such as picnic tables, shade structures, and litter bins enhances the overall comfort and functionality of the space. By offering amenities that cater to various age groups, you create an environment that encourages multi-generational interaction and engagement.

    Creating exceptional outdoor recreational spaces involves a thoughtful blend of aesthetics, inclusivity, safety, play value, and provisions for various age groups. By considering these aspects, you not only create an environment that is visually appealing and safe but also one that fosters connection for all visitors.

    Campsites and holiday parks become more than just places to stay – they transform into vibrant hubs of play, relaxation, and connection with nature, enriching the overall experience for everyone who walks through their gates.

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