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Playground Equipment

Discover High Quality Playground Equipment for Preschools, Schools, and Playgrounds

Unlock the power of play, especially in the great outdoors. Playtime nurtures children's development, fostering creativity and imagination. At the playground, young ones forge friendships and make new acquaintances. At HAGS, we cherish play and strive to inspire vibrant meeting spots for everyone. Backed by over 75 years of expertise, we specialize in play equipment. Swings, climbing frames, cableways, and slides – our extensive collection caters to every cherished playground. Our products are built to endure robustly, withstanding year round play for years to come. Tailor the playground experience to different age groups; our diverse selection ensures there's something for everyone.

Robust Playground Equipment for Public Outdoor Environments

Invest in resilient playground equipment designed for both schoolyards and communal play areas. In shared spaces, all children should relish outdoor play together. Physical activity and movement are particularly crucial for younger children. Shape the playground to encourage social bonding while simultaneously challenging balance, motor skills, and creativity. All outdoor playground equipment adheres to stringent safety standards.

Nurture Imagination and Creativity in Children

Imagination flows naturally in children. A captivating playground offers them a canvas to express their thoughts and whimsical ideas. Our selection features playhouses and panels that kindle role-playing and social interaction. Likewise, various play stations and thrilling climbing courses spark imagination. In a child's mind, the playground transforms into a pet shop, a hospital, or a space rocket. Dynamic and springy models elicit excitement and exhilaration, even among the youngest adventurers. Motivate children to venture outdoors and play, providing a space where they can craft their fantasy world alongside friends.

Invest in Your Playgrounds with Premium HAGS Play Equipment

A playground should invite unrestricted exploration. Children ought to climb, balance, touch, and play with unbridled freedom. At HAGS, we deliver top-tier products designed to withstand daily use in the most challenging environments. Select the products that align with your vision and seamlessly merge them to create the ultimate outdoor playground. As pioneers in manufacturing play equipment for public spaces, we understand the balance between stimulating children's development and ensuring equipment durability in parks and schools.

Invest in HAGS playground equipment to elevate your outdoor spaces and provide lasting memories for generations to come. Contact us today to bring your playground dreams to life.

UniMini Toddler Multiplay (1-5 yrs)

Our range of toddler multi-play units provide young children with stimulating opportunities, plus the many different play activities included contributes positively to their physical and mental development.

UniPlay Junior MultiPlay (5-12 yrs)

These playground multi-play structures are perfect for older kids and are designed with different levels of challenge for children of all abilities. Our range is available in timber and steel, and can be custom made.


A playground classic, children’s swings have been a permanent fixture in public outdoor spaces for decades and they are one of the most recognisable, well-loved play units among the general public. We have playground swings in wood and steel, in various shapes and sizes for children of all ages and abilities.

Spring Toys & Rockers

Through a bouncing motion, toddlers develop gross motor skills and a sense of balance and gradually build core competencies. Fun shapes and bright colours also provide visual appeal, stimulating children's imagination and thus encouraging role play and their sensory development.

NRG Steel Trail

The imposing steel arches from NRG are an impressive eye-catcher for any play area. Inspired by the natural wonders of the world, NRG takes children on a journey through wild terrain.

UniPlay Obstacle Course

With UniPlay obstacle courses, the whole family can have fun training together outdoors. Each obstacle on this ninja warrior style course has two different levels of difficulty. Challenge your Dad, Mum, Grandad, your friend or yourself.

Climbing Equipment

Add more physical challenges to your playground with our wide range of climbing equipment for children, available in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours.

Climbing Nets

Add more physical challenges to your playground with our range of climbing nets. Climbing is a great way for children to build their physical strength, gross motor skills and coordination. From spinning climbers to themed structures you’re sure to find the perfect one for your play area.


Slides are favoured by all, from the toddlers to the older children, as it gives them a sense of adventure. We offer standalone slides in various designs and sizes to suit all age groups, from themed, to tube slides, to embankment slides.


Our range of seesaws offer something for all ages and abilities, including traditional seesaws, spring seesaws and rotating seesaws. Designed to be durable, safe and fun, they are available in a range of colours and designs to complement different playground themes and styles.

Roundabouts and Spinners

From our easy-access Spinmee roundabout to the innovative Mobilus, spinning devices offer an exhilarating and highly social play experience. Roundabouts and spinning machines also have a large user capacity and are a great addition to a multi-play facility.


Add an element of excitement to your play area with our zip wires! These cableways provide children with a fun, thrilling experience, making it the main attraction at any playground. Available in both steel and timber.

Dynamic Play

Our range of dynamic equipment offer children the chance to experience various play functions in one, such as our Swingo, which is a rotating seesaw or our rotating swings like the Titan and Mini Titan. These pieces of play equipment defy convention and provide experiences not found in traditional playground equipment.


Playhouses are a great way to encourage imaginative play, as children can use the playhouse to create their own imaginary world. From colourful playhouses to nature inspired playhouses, children will love socialising and playing with each other in these fun and quirky playhouses. Playground playhouses can also provide an area of solace for those looking for a quiet area.


Playground play panels and sculptures can provide children with the opportunity to develop physical, cognitive, and social skills. Panels and sculptures can be used to create imaginative play, encourage imaginative thinking, increase physical activity, and build social skills.

Musical Instruments

These easy-access outdoor musical instruments can be enjoyed by all children with ease. The Concerto line enables children of all ability levels to experience the fun and benefits of making music.

Steel Multiplay

Our steel playgrounds were developed for the requirements of older children and are particularly suitable for schools due to their durability. They inspire with a fascinating design and support the development of strength and coordination.

Robinia Playgrounds

The natural Robinia playground equipment range is durable and resistant, and blends in harmoniously with any play area. Includes trim trails, multi-play structures, swings, playhouses, and many more.

Balance Courses & Trail items

We have playground trail equipment in wood or steel and offer various challenges from start to finish. Balance beams, stepping stones and other challenging surfaces encourage children to build their core strength and learn how to balance their bodies. They can be configured to your own bespoke layout or choose one of our set trail courses.

Sand & Water Play

Sand and water play provide children with many benefits such as the opportunity to practice measuring, develop fine motor skills and spark their imagination, as well as helping children explore and enjoy the sensory experience of manipulating different materials and textures.


Our outdoor trampolines are available in four different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and requirements. As well as being loads of fun, jumping engages the muscles of the whole body, improves coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance.

Inclusive Play

Inspiring everyone is at the heart of what we do. Inclusive play spaces should be accessible, engaging and stimulating for children of all ages and abilities to interact together.


Discover the perfect playground accessories here! From information signs and speaking tubes to other helpful items, we have the ideal solutions for your outdoor space.

  • Case studies - Avondale Park

    Promoting the health, wellbeing, and joy of children through inclusive play, Avondale Park provides two outstanding play areas designed to accommodate a diverse age range and all levels of ability. Recognizing the fundamental importance of play for children, the park is dedicated to offering an extensive array of inclusive play products, ensuring that every child can participate in this vital aspect of their development.

    link to case study page
  • Bourton Park case study

    The Town Council selected HAGS UK to bring this project to life, which is a reflection of the community and Town Council’s vision to provide a play spaces where inclusivity and imagination are key.

    The design prioritises connectivity within the play space is an essential feature, enabling people with impaired mobility or those in wheelchairs and with pushchairs to manoeuvre within the play space.

    Find out more


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