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King George V Recreation Ground, Berkshire

Winkfield Parish Council contracted HAGS to design a play area that offers a wide variety of challenges and play experiences involving physical and social development. Our high play value design has provided amazing adventure opportunities for a wide variety of ages and abilities with harmonic flows between the natural landscape and man-made play equipment. In addition, the layout allows children to develop from one challenge to the next.

The first zone provides younger children with a variety of equipment such as the UniMini Nordon, Trampoline, Goro swings, Trail items and an inclusive Spinmee roundabout. For the older, more adventurous children, we provide a different zone containing the DNA climber, Vippy seesaw, Viper swing and the eye catching UniPlay Lycce, crafted with a metal tube slide making it the centre piece of this play area.

We used different types of surfacing to outline these spaces, including Wetpour, Eco Mulch and the Grass Matting tiles provided by Winkfield Parish Council. Each of these flows effortlessly into the other, emulating the curve of space and pathway surrounding it. We have also provided plenty of seating for parent and carers, or just for the children to sit and socialise if they wish.

As with of all our projects, we’ve ensured this playground encourages inclusion for all abilities. The play area provides play panels at a suitable level for wheelchair users, swing seats for carers and tactile panels for sensory development, along with our hugely popular Spinmee roundabout which provides wheelchair access.

Annemarie Edwards, Winkfield Parish Clerk, says: “Our local community is delighted with their new play equipment. There is such a ‘buzz’ now with so many more children using the equipment. This area is adjacent to the school and parents are complaining that they cannot get the children to go home after school!”

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Berkshire, United Kingdom
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