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King George's Playing Field, Ferndown

A lockdown playground project

King George’s Playing Field is a very large popular park near the centre of Ferndown Town where we have just completed a full overhaul of its playground.

As this was completed during the lockdown period, we took all the necessary safety measures and government guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved and to successfully deliver this wonderful play area, ready for the children to enjoy once playgrounds re-open.

Play experiences for all

The new area costing £180K had to have increased play value due to the size, this gave us the opportunity to maximise the budget with over 40 different play experiences, catering in excess of 180 children.

We made sure the play area was inclusive and had play opportunities for children of up to the age of 14 of various abilities. We created a clear path that guides children through the different play zones and installed various seating areas.

Ages 2-6

For younger children, aged two to six, we included a diverse range, including the Unimini Apista multi-unit that provides climbing and role play opportunities, Roty roundabout, various types of rockers, a bespoke 1.2m mound with a slide and other play features help smoothly transition children between zones as they grow. Ground graphics were also incorporated.

Ages 7+

For older children, aged 7-14, we included the 3 tower multi-unit as the play area’s centre piece. This unit provides various play opportunities, including climbing, sliding and educational benefits. This zone is complemented by a large 4m space net, a Viper rope swing, a Spinami – which offers rope and spinning, and children’s firm favourite the NRG trim trail – which has a cutting-edge design.

Inclusive and welcoming to all

There are over 8 play units that make this playground inclusive for all abilities, the include the Mirage Swing Seat which boasts an ergonomic design and is great for children with cerebral palsy, a Spinmee roundabout to burn off energy and meet the needs of SEND children, as well as numerous play panels to stimulate cognitive activity. There are also plenty of different swinging opportunities for each and every child, to encourage them to play together.

Ferndown, UK
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