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Underfleet Play Area, Seaton

A destination playground celebrating the Jurassic heritage of Seaton

Set in the coastal town of Seaton in Devon, the play area boasts a subtle theme echoing the iconic Jurassic coast. Bespoke play sculptures including a striking carved tree, a dinosaur ribcage and fossils crafted by a local artist set the atmosphere and take the children on a journey through time.

As the neighbouring Seaton Jurassic centre already offers a variety of educational activities for younger and older children, Seaton council wanted the play area to be mainly geared towards physical activity and entertainment. Three play zones catering for different ages have been designed, with easy routes connecting the different sections and playful landscape features creating soft boundaries between the toddlers and older children’s spaces.

We invited Seaton Primary School for the inauguration of the playground and asked the teachers and children what their thoughts were.

Year 3 teacher Miss Summer has noted that having access to plenty of activities has a positive impact on behaviour: “All the children are engaged and they don’t need to take turns to play. The children would usually fight after a while as they get bored but with so much to do they are far too busy to do that!”

A lot of the play structures also spark children’s imagination: Year 3 student Anna loves the ROX climbing structure as “it makes [her] feel like a spider” whilst thrill-seeking Archie compares climbing the net pyramid to ascending a mountain.

To summarise it all, according to 6-year old John “the playground is epic!”

Seaton, United Kingdom
Year Completed

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