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Benefits of climbing

We have climbing nets with different levels of challenge suitable for all ages and abilities. Climbing nets offer the opportunity of risk and challenge, excitement and different ways of moving. Furthermore, climbing improves motor skills such as balance, coordination, strength and dexterity, as well as challenging, stimulating and developing the user’s proprioceptive system.

The Climbing Nets Range

Net Climbing Structures

Children love the feeling of height and being up above everyone else, these tall structures lets them do just that. Take a look at our range of Pyramids and Levitators.

Spinning Net Climbers

Spinning net climbers put climbing skills to the test as children can go up the structure while it rotates. Provides a challenging yet fun experience that will attract children of all ages.

Architectural Net Structures

A fantastic range of play equipment that is not only challenging and fun but is also intriguing to look at and stands out as an architectural piece.

Net Multi-Play Units

These multi-play units predominantly feature climbing nets while also combining different types of play in one structure, such as climbing and sliding.

Themed Climbing Nets

The themed net structures opens up a world where young imaginations can soar. From butterflies to acorn villages, dreamers are sure to find their perfect role in their adventure.

Rope Trail

Our range of rope trail items are perfect to create a fun and exciting obstacle course that everyone can enjoy. Contestants will need to use their balance, strength and coordination to get through all the tasks.


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