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play for all.




Play for all

Our aim is to inspire play for all. It is important to us that playgrounds can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, inspiring children of all ages and abilities to interact with each other. Playing and having fun can liberate both body and mind, while at the same time helping to improve motor skills, coordination, balance and strength - qualities that are beneficial for life.


Play also helps improve children’s social skills, on the playground, children can practice interaction, communication, cooperation and conflict resolution. Trying new things and taking little risks help children to develop courage and self-esteem, skills that are particularly important for children with disabilities. When we look at designing playgrounds, we talk about “play values”. Play values describe what level of experience the environment, product or play structure give the child when they interact with it. A high play value indicates that a child can play in many different ways. We divide play values into three different categories: physical, sensory and social.


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child became law on 1 January 2020, stating that all children have the right to play in a stimulating, safe and accessible environment.


Inclusivity & Play Network

We are very grateful for our network of knowledgeable people who help us to continually improve our inclusive play! The network consists of people with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and people from various organisations, such as Generation Pep, Boverket, the Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired and Jönköping University.

We consult with the network on the design of new products, special customer ideas, questions from customers, etc. We want the knowledge to be real!

Our ambition is to increase the number of people in the network. Are you a person with a lot of knowledge about accessibility and want to join? If so, get in touch with or click on the button below.

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Skapa en tillgänglig lekplats | HAGS


Activities such as spinning, sliding, rocking, swinging and climbing are all physical experiences. Learn more about how they can help a child's development while they have fun.

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Skapa en tillgänglig lekplats | HAGS


Children with different abilities need sensory play experiences. Touch, hearing, sight, interaction with nature and cosy places are all sensory experiences.

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Skapa en tillgänglig lekplats | HAGS


A playground should provide opportunities for children to engage in social play and interact with other children. In this section we will look at interaction, dramatic and imaginative play.

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