Play and Leisure Areas for Holiday Parks and Campsites

Holiday parks and campsites have become more popular than ever over the past few years and visitors are looking for something special when choosing their destinations.

Investing in a bespoke, memorable play or fitness space for your venue could make you the first choice for families when booking this year.

Importance of Outdoor Activities

Explore the importance of outdoor activities, recreation, and healthy living for families and individuals during holidays, and why it's important to privide engaging recreational facilities at your Holiday Park or Campsite. 

Outdoor Activities

Designing the Right Space

Playgrounds on campsites are designed to keep children busy and entertained for typically much longer periods as these are often destinations where visitors are resident for multiple days at a time. For adults, outdoor fitness equipment, benches, shade structures, waste bins and other site furniture all make your recreational areas appealing. 

Designing Tips

Top Products

Here we’ve hand picked our top 20 products for you to consider for your Holiday Park or Campsite, which can be delivered in 14 days or less.

Top Products

Why HAGS...


Our promise

‘Inspiring all generations’ is more than a tag line– it represents our whole philosophy and everycustomer’s experience when engaging with us. Having grown from local Swedish roots into a global network of professionals, our promise stays the same. We will inspire all generations to be active in outdoor spaces. The way we fulfil our promise is through dedication to creating products and play areas that live long in the memories of those that use them.

Our passionate team

We have a global team that is passionate about inspiring all generations. The whole team considers people of all ages and abilities, which is reflected in our extensive range of play, sports and other recreational equipment.We offer more than just products, though – every customer partnership is the opportunity to share knowledge on play value, inclusion and landscape design. The people who buy our products are as much a part of our team as those who design, market and sell them.

Our history

HAGS was founded in Sweden in 1948 with a goal of creating inspiring outdoor play environments for all to enjoy. During the first year of trading, our first swing sets left the factory and demand increased rapidly, thanks to a combination of their functionality, design and price – principles we still live up to today through the wide range of products we design and manufacture. Since then, we have provided children around the world with the opportunity to learn through playand develop essential skills in challenging, yet safe, environments.



The complete service

We provide a full turnkey solution that takes care of the whole customer journey, providing unrivalled service that means anything a customer might need can be delivered by HAGS. Be it something as simple as supply of a new swing set or something as complex as a multi-site play regeneration project in their area, HAGS can provide the full service. We have the full capability to design and install a play area, design and manufacture products, refurbish existing products, market play areas to communities and perform a host of other functions.

We create the things you wish existed

As the first company to bring innovations such as swinging carousels and non-decked climbing units to the play industry, our reputation as the most innovative company in the market is not without substance. In every range, our product designers and product managers are constantly looking at new ways of changing the market. Our range speaks for itself and we always innovate.

Durable products

We carefully choose the raw materials that we manufacture our market leading products from to ensure their durability. By doing this, we provide customers with high-quality play areas that are built to last longer and withstand the elements and use. Be it highly robust steel, engineered timber, long-lasting HPL or hard-wearing movable parts, if it’s on a HAGS product, it will have the best life expectancy available.



We develop our products in accordance with trinational research and published standards to ensure that they are safe for all to use. Our products are certified to:

•EN 1176: Playground equipment and surfacing

•EN 1177: Impact attenuating playground surfacing

•EN 16630: Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment

•EN 15312: Free access multi-sports equipment

Inspiring all to play together

Everyone has the right to play, which is why our play areas are always designed to be as inclusive as possible. We consult inclusion and child development experts and conduct research with them to make sure we are informed on inclusion. From this research, we have identified the following elements as necessities to inspire all to play together:

•Sensory stimulation


•Varying levels of challenge

•Opportunities for calm

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