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The Rosenlund Collection

The Rosenlund collection boasts a new perspective on outdoor furniture, through a soft expression of beautifully crafted pine slats paired with the subtle details of its coloured armrests, legs and steel work. This park furniture is designed to be inclusive, practical and stylish.

Product information

Rosenlund Park Furniture

The Rosenlund Collection

The Rosenlund products are ideal for any park and urban setting.

Amongst so much more, this collection brings you Scandinavian design that is comfortable, elegant & aesthetically pleasing.

A set of products that are durable, inclusive and modular, allowing you to create a wonderful outdoor seating space.

The Rosenlund collection brings new perspectives to modern outdoor furniture through its straight lines alongside the folded steel legs and small spacing for easy removal of water.

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Meet the products

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Rosenlund Bench

park bench with red steel legs

Built to comfortably fit 3 adults and designed with a height of 0.45m, making the sofa inclusive and easily accessible.

Plus, due to its depth, users can sit on both sides of the bench.

The Bench without armrests is a perfect companion for the narrow table or even just as a stand-alone seating space.

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Rosenlund Bench & Armrests

park bench with armrests in green

The Rosenlund Bench with armrests gives you an even more inclusive option.

The armrests have been designed to be at an inclusive height and protrudes out from the bench to provide the user with support for an even easier access.


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Rosenlund Sofa

park bench with back rest in blue

The Rosenlund Sofa has been built with the intention to comfortably fit 3 adults. It has been designed with a height of 0.45m, making the sofa inclusive and easily accessible.

The Rosenlund sofa without armrests goes perfectly with the narrow table or can also be used as a stand-alone piece.

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Rosenlund Sofa & Armrests

park bench with back and armrests in grey

The Rosenlund Sofa with armrests gives you an even more inclusive option.

The armrests have been designed to be at an inclusive height and protrudes out from the bench for support and an even easier access.


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Rosenlund Narrow Table

narrow park table with galvanised legs

The Rosenlund Table has been designed with a clean look for longlasting aesthetics. It has a distinct character through subtle detailing and a simple expression. A great complement to any outdoor setting.

The Rosenlund Narrow Table is ideal for places where space is very limited, such as an urban environment. The sofa or bench without armrests are the perfect combination for this option.

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Rosenlund Wide Table

wide park table with red steel legs

The Rosenlund Wide Table is great for family orientated locations, such as near a playground.

It can be combined with the products without armrests as well as those with armrests.




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Rosenlund Micro Table

small park bench table

A simple and easy-to-use side table that carries a visual lightness in both its expression and function. 

The idea was to create a simple, practical space for working and eating. This Side Table serves as an easy companion for the Rosenlund seating products.

This Micro Table can be installed on a bench or sofa as a single or in pairs. It can be placed in between the intended 3 seating positions of the bench or sofa.

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Colours and Materials

We have chosen soft calm tones from the most common colours giving any space a welcoming, warm and calm feeling.

The wood used for the Rosenlund range is high quality pine wood in accordance to HAGS’ material requirement specification. The surface treatment of the wood will be the standard high-level treatment we provide on our similar products, but for the Rosenlund range it will be in a slightly brighter spectrum.

As standard the steel will be available as powder coated and in 5 different colours.

Timber - Engineered Pine

White transparent colour

Steel - Powder Coated

red blue galvanised green green






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Product background

Something for everyone

Outdoor furniture has a huge impact on the way people use public spaces.

We believe it is extremely important that these public spaces are welcoming for people all ages and abilities.

The Rosenlund is designed to be inclusive. Our expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing allows us to create furniture that can be used by everyone.

The selection of the products in the range can also allow the formulation of different types of set-ups providing outdoor and public spaces with more choice.

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man sitting on park bench with back and arm rests

Vision of the new furniture

red bench in park

The Rosenlund combines modularity and functionality with beauty.

HAGS handpick leading contemporary designers who are strong interpreters of our philosophy and combine their talents with the passionate HAGS creative team.

The Rosenlund furniture brings together aesthetically pleasing features as well as providing all the functions that outdoor and public furniture has to offer.


Highly durable & long lasting

park bench armrests close up

The design of the Rosenlund furniture range not only looks great, but it is built to last a lifetime.

When buying furniture for outdoor or public spaces, there are many things to consider.

At HAGS, our industry leading expertise ensures that all things are considered and therefore designed & engineered to provide furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Things to consider

park picnic table and bench next to lake

There are many things to consider when buying or installing outdoor furniture.

Below are just some of the factors we consider at HAGS when creating the best products on the market:

Rain & moisture, mold, mildew & rot, rust & corrosion, warping, fading, cracking, heat retention. wind.

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Features and benefits

park bench with back and arm rests and bench without back and armrests

Built to be inclusive

We believe in being inclusive. Inclusion is in-built into our DNA because we want our products to be enjoyed by everyone.

As we age, arm and back rests become more important and can mean the difference between someone being able to use the seat comfortably or not. We’ve designed both the Bench and Sofa to have a sitting height of 445mm (to be exact), making it easily accessible and allowing the feet to be flat on the floor for comfort.

The arm rests available on both the Sofa and Bench have a height of 705mm from the ground, meaning there is a reachable surface with which to steady oneself prior to sitting.


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All-in-one family

park bench in various colours

When thinking of specifying or designing an outdoor area, look no further than the Rosenlund collection.

This family of products cater for all the needs and requirements of any outdoor space with a selection of products that range from bins to planters and tables to seats.

So rather than choosing products from different ranges and styles, the Rosenlund collection of products are bonded by design and functionality to provide you with a seamless look and feel.

Built to last

park bench armrest close-up

We believe in quality and all products we make are built to last.

Our Park and Urban range offers some of the finest products on the market as they are made from some of the best materials the industry has to offer.

The Rosenlund range uses Scandinavian Pine wood - one of the best materials to use in furniture products.

Therefore, the Rosenlund collection is not only tough but it’s robust with a high resistance to shock, giving this fantastic range longevity, while keeping it stylish.

Scandinavian design

park bench in blue with back and armrests

HAGS is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression.

The range is simplistic, elegant and comforting, echoing the values of Scandinavian design alongside the vibrancy of a modern colour palette.

The Rosenlund collection boasts a new perspective on outdoor furniture, through a soft expression of beautifully crafted pine slats paired with the subtle details of its coloured arm rest, legs and steel work.

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The importance of open/public spaces

Our parks & open/public spaces provide intrinsic environmental, aesthetic and recreational benefits to our communities.

The current climate

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, people have responded to modern challenges by returning to simpler, more traditional activities.

Having more park furniture means:

  • It encourages people to enjoy the outdoors
  • It supports people’s social wellbeing
  • It can help with social distancing rules when products are strategically placed, giving people the opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces safely.

Watch our video to learn more about why parks and open spaces are so important.