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Arena: Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

ARENA is our flagship MUGA system made from durable and high quality materials. These extremely versatile multi-use games areas can be adapted to fit your requirements.‚Äč 

How to Choose a Multi Use Games Area

Arena Atlanta

Product Number: SA-AT

  • Assembly Time 144 hrs 144
  • Safety Area   275m² 275
Product Details

Arena Boston

Product Number: SA-BO

  • Safety Area   430.5m² 430.5
Product Details

Arena Chicago

Product Number: SA-CH

  • Safety Area   287.25m² 287.25
Product Details

Arena Cincinnati

Product Number: SA-CC

  • Safety Area   769.5m² 769.5
Product Details

Arena Detroit

Product Number: SA-DT

  • Safety Area   466.5m² 466.5
Product Details

Arena Indiana

Product Number: SA-IN

  • Safety Area   85.5m² 85.5
Product Details

Arena Kansas

Product Number: SA-KA

  • Safety Area   235m² 235
Product Details

Arena Lincoln

Product Number: SA-LI

  • Safety Area   276m² 276
Product Details

Arena Miami

Product Number: SA-MI

  • Assembly Time 160 hrs 160
  • Safety Area   447m² 447
Product Details

Arena Michigan

Product Number: SA-MC

  • Safety Area   266m² 266
Product Details

Arena Milwaukee

Product Number: SA-MW

  • Assembly Time 108 hrs 108
  • Safety Area   487.75m² 487.75
Product Details

Arena Montana

Product Number: SA-MN

  • Safety Area   504m² 504
Product Details

Arena New York

Product Number: SA-NY

  • Safety Area   705.25m² 705.25
Product Details

Arena Philadelphia

Product Number: SA-PL

  • Assembly Time 18 hrs 18
  • Safety Area   62m² 62
Product Details

Arena Phoenix

Product Number: SA-PX

  • Assembly Time 4 hrs 4
  • Safety Area   117m² 117
Product Details

Arena San Diego

Product Number: SA-SA

  • Safety Area   634m² 634
Product Details

Arena San Francisco

Product Number: SA-SF

  • Assembly Time 2 hrs 2
  • Safety Area   730.5m² 730.5
Product Details

Arena Sioux

Product Number: SA-SI

  • Safety Area   122m² 122
Product Details

Arena Sweden

Product Number: SA-36413

  • Safety Area   836m² 836
Product Details

Arena Toronto

Product Number: SA-TO

  • Safety Area   117.25m² 117.25
Product Details

Arena Utah

Product Number: SA-UT

  • Safety Area   115.5m² 115.5
Product Details

Arena Vancouver

Product Number: SA-VA

  • Safety Area   119.5m² 119.5
Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-CO

Product Details

Games Area Configuration 1

Product Number: SA-PAGA01

  • Assembly Time 50 hrs 50
Product Details

Games Area Configuration 2

Product Number: SA-PAGA02

  • Assembly Time 72 hrs 72
Product Details

Games Area Configuration 3

Product Number: SA-PAGA03

  • Assembly Time 72 hrs 72
Product Details

Goal End Configuration 1

Product Number: SA-PAGE01

  • Assembly Time 14 hrs 14
Product Details

Goal End Configuration 2

Product Number: SA-PAGE02

  • Assembly Time 16 hrs 16
Product Details

Goal End Configuration 3

Product Number: SA-PAGE03

  • Assembly Time 18 hrs 18
Product Details

Goal End Configuration 4

Product Number: SA-PAGE04

  • Assembly Time 18 hrs 18
Product Details

Goal End Configuration 5

Product Number: SA-PAGE05

  • Age Range 5-12 5-12
  • Assembly Time 20 hrs 20
Product Details

Goal End Configuration 6

Product Number: SA-PAGE06

  • Assembly Time 21 hrs 21
Product Details

Goal End Configuration 7

Product Number: SA-PAGE07

  • Assembly Time 22 hrs 22
Product Details

Golden State

Product Number: SA-GS

Product Details


Product Number: SA-MS

Product Details


Product Number: SA-OR

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-PO

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-QU

Product Details

San Antonio

Product Number: SA-AN

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-SA

Product Details


Product Number: SA-WA

Product Details